Beaches Go GreenThe DONNA Foundation announces Beaches Go Green as the Official Environmental Sponsor for its annual DONNA Marathon Weekend to be held in the heart of Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach Feb. 8-10, 2019. Runners and spectators participating in the 12th annual event will enjoy eco-friendly cartons of Just Water as well as event day recycling to promote awareness of waste in our beach environment. Look for the #BeTheChange icon throughout our website indicating ways Beaches Go Green is helping expand our green initiatives.

Beaches Go Green aims to spread awareness and education of the dangers of plastic in our environment and build a community of support for those who offer solutions for reducing waste, recycling, and protecting our oceans and environment.

“We love our new beach destination and are committed to establishing practices to support an ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Amanda Napolitano, executive director of The DONNA Foundation. “Our partnership with Beaches Go Green is a first step toward greening DONNA!”

The DONNA Foundation and Beaches Go Green would like to remind everyone to focus on the “4 Rs”

1) REFUSE – say no to products and companies that use excessive packaging. Say no to businesses that use single-use plastic and styrofoam. Vote for the change that you want to see with your money. Spend it wisely.

2) REDUCE your amount of waste overall by bringing your own “reusable items” and buying in bulk to limit packaging.  Every time that you reuse something, you are saving some new from being created. You can also reduce your waste by home composting organics. Hopefully soon, we will have residential & commercial composting services available in our area.

3) REUSE – Once you have it, focus on how you can use it again and again. Think bring your own: bags, water bottles, coffee cups, straws, etc.

4) RECYCLE.  Last on the list by design. Recycling occurs with less than 10% of the items used on our planet. In addition to being better disciplined and recycling more than 10%, we need to drive the market of recycled items by buying them over new. Absolutely recycle when you can, but do not rely on recycling. Focus on the first 3 Rs.

“Beaches Go Green is thrilled to support the health of women and the health of our beaches at the same time!” said co-founder Anne Marie Moquin. “It’s an honor to partner with The DONNA Foundation and help make it “green” for their 12th annual event! We are looking forward to bringing environmental education and awareness to our area through strong community-building events like the DONNA Marathon and more.”