Returning October 1, 2023, challenge yourself and your friends and family to walk one mile per day for 110 days, finishing up just in time for the 2024 DONNA Marathon Weekend in February. This is the DONNA 110 Mile-A-Day Challenge.

Did you know exercise reduces treatment-related adverse effects and reduces by up to 50% cancer-specific and overall mortality in breast cancer?* Launched in 2022, the objective of the DONNA 110 Mile-A-Day Challenge is to accumulate 110 miles on or before DONNA Marathon Weekend (February 2 – 4, 2024) by walking or running one mile per day or at the participant’s preferred pace. Our goal is to encourage the DONNA community to get moving and to promote health and wellness throughout Northeast Florida and beyond. In the inaugural challenge last year, participants collectively walked or ran 20,118 miles, surpassing the goal set by the Foundation of 20,000 to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. So beat that!



How It Works

1. Register Registration will remain open until February 3, 2024 at 3 PM ET.

2. Walk! Starting October 1, 2023, recruit a friend, join a group, commit to move your body every day!

3. SUBMIT RESULTS – we have fun milestones to achieve along the way, so track your miles with us. Help us reach our goal to walk 20,000 miles together to finish breast cancer! Results submission opens October 1, 2023 and ends DONNA Marathon Sunday, February 4, 2024.

4. Receive Your Swag! In February 2024, get excited when your amazing DONNA 110 finisher’s belt buckle medal and shirt arrive in your mailbox. Registration fee includes shipping to US addresses only.

* Source: ASCO: Exercise Across the Cancer Care Continuum: Why It Matters, How to Implement It, and Motivating Patients to Move

DONNA 110 Mile-a-day Participants Receive

Material will be shipped following DONNA Marathon Weekend in February 2024. Packet mailing is only available for addresses within the United States. To make special arrangements, please contact us.

  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Finisher’s Shirt
  • Keepsake Race Bib

Registration Fees

Fees include shipping of race material.

Exclusive for Monthly Giving Society Members: $50
Opening Day 07/13/23 – 10% Off – $54
Entry 07/14/23 – Close –  $60

Frequently Asked Questions:

May I run or walk more than 1 mile per day? Yes! The objective is to accumulate 110 miles on or before DONNA Marathon Weekend February 2 – 4, 2024.

May I run or walk more than 110 miles? Yes! Help us achieve our goal to collectively walk or run 20,000 miles to finish breast cancer.

May I log more than one walk or run in a single day? Yes! You are able to submit multiple activity entries per day.

What if I skip a day? Rest days are important, so totally ok to miss a day.