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GORUCK and The DONNA Foundation have partnered to bring back an exciting offering to DONNA Marathon Weekend! Returning in 2024, the GORUCK Rucking Division is available for DONNA Full and Half Marathon races. What is Rucking? Rucking is not only the foundation of Special Forces training, it’s an empowering fitness and social activity that encourages community-building with weight being the great equalizer. Simply put – rucking is walking with weight on your back. If you’re contemplating rucking or running the DONNA Marathon this year, check out goruck.com for more information on rucking vs. running.

  • The DONNA Marathon and Half Marathon courses will be open for 7 hours, allowing for a 16-minute per mile marathon pace and a 32-minute per mile half marathon pace.


GORUCK DONNA PatchGORUCK DONNA Participants Receive

  • Custom GORUCK DONNA Patch, available for pick-up at the GORUCK booth at the DONNA Expo or in Athletes’ Village at the finish line
  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Finisher’s Shirt
  • Goodie Bag that will include our famous Running Ribbon car magnet (for bragging rights of course)
  • Keepsake Race Bib
  • Access to Athletes’ Village for pre and post-race festivities

GORUCK Division Awards

  • Top overall male, female and survivor finishers in the rucking divisions will each receive a special package from GORUCK.

Is there a minimum weight requirement to ruck?

There is NO minimum weight requirement to ruck. It’s an honor system — challenge yourself! That being said, if you want to be eligible for the top finisher prize, you will need to adhere to these standards:

  • If you are under 150 lbs, carry a 10 lb weight and if you are over 150 lbs, carry 20 lbs.
  • Each participant will have a 10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate (or equivalent in non-consumable weight) in their rucksack at the start point.
  • GORUCK may verify weight at the finish line for top finishers. Look for the GORUCK team in Athletes’ Village.

GORUCK Exclusive Gear

With registration, participants can purchase a GORUCK DONNA Rucking Kit, with proceeds benefiting The DONNA Foundation. The Rucking Kit will be fulfilled by GORUCK, mailed to your shipping address provided at registration in time for DONNA Marathon Weekend. The rucking kit includes:

GORUCK RPCRuck Plate Carrier

The Ruck Plate Carrier™ (aka RPC) houses a Ruck Plate® and is worn high and tight on your back for natural stability. Your chest stays open so you can breathe better to push harder.

The RPC includes a padded top handle, padding on the top of the plate pocket, ergonomic lumbar support padding, and non-abrasive fabric used on the back panel and underside of the shoulder straps – you will be able to wear this during your race with no friction or rubbing on your shoulders or back.

GORUCK PlateRuck Plates

Ruck Plates® are compact and fit seamlessly in the Rucker® and Ruck Plate Carrier™ for superior stability. Made in the USA to exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship, GORUCK Ruck Plates® represent the very best of American manufacturing.

The relationship between your body, the weight, and the rucksack will determine your level of comfort on the move. Our recommendation for most people is to start with 20 lbs of weight for rucking, progress in increments of ~10 lbs, and ultimately max out at ⅓ of your bodyweight. It’s more important to keep proper form while rucking than to have more weight.