Training with Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway Training is the official training program for DONNA.  Jeff Galloway’s Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs are for all levels of runners, from beginning runners to Boston qualifiers. This Low-mileage, Injury-free Training Program is for those who have jobs, families, and a life!

The achievement of completing a marathon/half marathon training program and finishing the event will be your treasure for the rest of your life. The training schedule which follows is the latest evolution in a minimal mileage, low-impact training routine which has been used successfully by an estimated 100,000 marathoners since 1978.

Jacksonville Galloway Training Program

The Jacksonville Galloway Training Program follows Olympian Jeff Galloway’s training guidelines to get you safely across the finish line of a 5k, half or full marathon. The group runs feature walking breaks at regular intervals based on your skill level. Pace groups are set up according to current fitness level, and a Group Leader is assigned to keep the speed slow enough for all members and to enforce walk breaks from the beginning to the end.

Members receive the best training possible with the additional help of our training partners in nutrition, cross training, recovery, and apparel. Each week our training partners educate you to ensure your running at your best!

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DONNA Training Kick-off Days

  • Dates coming soon!

The Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run App

Announcing the all new Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run iPhone App just in time for DONNA! With direct coaching from DONNA’s Training Director Jeff Galloway, this amazing tool is just one more benefit of racing to finish breast cancer. Download a special DONNA version of the app today »

The app includes:

  • Complete guidance every step of the way. Programs for 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon and more!
  • Custom programs for beginners to advanced athletes.
  • Includes periodic Magic Mile Tests to measure your progress and dial in your pace.
  • Set the beat of your music to the cadence of your run.
  • Drills to help you improve your running strength, speed, and form.
  • Over 70 healthy recipes to power your training.
  • Daily tips to guide you every step of the way.
  • Includes GPS tracking.
  • Works outside or on a treadmill.
  • Completely interactive. Change your workout at anytime and your coach Jeff Galloway — and your music — will respond!
  • Sync your workouts to the Health app.

If you click the special donna link you get the following:

  • Access to 5 special programs for Destination DONNA
  • Custom badges for each program
  • Custom countdown timer for your event
  • Special deal: 30 day trial of the entire app, then $39.99 for the year. Plus you can lock in this special rate for life!
  • 10% of proceeds go back to The DONNA Foundation!

Training Groups

The power of the group cannot be understated. Jeff’s success rate is 98% for those who go through and follow the Galloway Training Program. As a team, you can share the challenges, the laughs, the struggles and the exhilaration. No one needs to go through a tough day without being bolstered by others. As you give support, you’ll receive much in return. Every year, in just about every pace group, lifelong friendships are formed. Find out more here »

Jeff Galloway’s Customized Training Plan

Jeff’s proven method has helped hundreds of thousands to achieve their goals, injury-free. Whether you’re a beginner or a Boston Qualifier, let us customize a plan that allows you to “have a life” while achieving your goals.Your 6-month Custom Training Plan includes –

  • A customized training schedule to your target race over the next season
  • Daily email reminders of upcoming workouts
  • Based upon your current conditioning
  • Drills to improve running form, efficiency, and speed
  • For runners at every fitness level, from beginning runners to ultra-runners
  • Perfect for those without a local Galloway Program or with busy schedules

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This individual “E-Coaching” Program gives you a training program designed by Jeff and direct, priority access to him when you have questions or clarifications. Whether you just want to run without pain, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, we will provide you with 6 months of coaching support, a training program fit for your goals, and many other items. This programs is suited for all levels of runners, including beginners. Learn more here »

Books, E-Books and Apps

From Getting Started to Avoiding Injuries, learn from Jeff’s years of coaching and running experience. Books also make great gifts to inspire others to get active. Purchase your books here »

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Before Those First Steps!

There are very few people who should not exercise because of cardiovascular, structural, muscular, or other problems. It is very important to ensure that you are not in this risk category.

  • Before beginning any exercise, diet or other improvement program, be sure to have yourself and the program evaluated by specialists in the areas you are pursuing.
  • The advice in this book is offered as such-advice from one exerciser to another. It is not mean to be a prescription and should be evaluated as noted above and below.
  • Specific structures and problems of individuals may require program modifications.
  • In each area, find specialists who are also knowledgeable about the positive and other effects of exercise and running.
  • Ask several respected leaders in the fitness community for recommendations of specialists.
  • Always back off any exercise or program when you feel any risk of injury or health.
  • The benefits come from regular exercise and steady adherence to a long-term program.
  • Never radically increase the amount of exercise or drastically change diet and other health elements.
  • Joining a group helps motivation!
  • Have fun and you’ll want to continue.

Is there a Jeff Galloway Training Program in your city?

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