10th annual donna poster

Ten year milestones are significant. They often represent passion and commitment, matched by a steady and thoughtful pace. Marathons require a similar approach but not all marathons are tangible journeys. Some marathons challenge spiritual and emotional well-being. For ten years I have been humbled by the spirit of women and men navigating personal marathons like breast cancer. The greatest truth is that it doesn’t have to be done alone. Leaning into another for additional strength allows greater love to surface. Taking on the ‘ride’ with loved ones is always better.

DONNA’s 10-Year poster projects an attitude of ‘riding high’ – a joy experienced when gliding across a constantly-changing surface, accepting the inevitable ebb and flow. We move with the current while demonstrating forward purpose, on a mission to finish the ride the best way we can – attempting the ‘Hang Ten’ every day.

— Kurtis Loftus, Artist

Posters will be available for purchase at the DONNA Expo presented by SMG & The City of Jacksonville.