The DONNA Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay events start at ATP Tour Blvd. in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. — home of the parking venues for THE PLAYERS Championship. The official race finish, and the finish of breast cancer, is at Mayo Clinic.

The course will guide runners and walkers through four beautiful beach communities in Northeast Florida along historic coastal A1A, over the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge to finish the race, and breast cancer, at Mayo Clinic.


View the detailed map for an up-close look at street names, turnaround points and more.

*Subject to change for road construction or other anticipated or unanticipated impacts.

This race is a Boston Qualifier, and the fastest marathon times ever recorded in Florida were clocked on this course. The marathon USATF certification number is FL16017EBM and the half-marathon USATF certification number is FL16016EBM. The course is one of the fastest in the state of Florida, and has consistently ranked in the top 10 fastest marathon times by Floridians since the inaugural year in 2008 as reported by USATF.

“For those who wonder if this is a fast course, I’d say our times answer that question with a resounding YES!” said Donna Deegan, founder of 26.2 with DONNA and three-time breast cancer survivor. “I think our crowds also have something to do with it. When you are running for an incredible cause with thousands thanking you as you go, it certainly stokes the spirit and energizes the body.”

The DONNA course will be open for 7 hours, allowing for a 16-minute per mile marathon or 32-minute per mile half-marathon pace.

All DONNA Marathon participants must maintain a 16 minute-per-mile pace. In mile 7, DONNA Marathon participants will reach the iconic Jax Beach Lifeguard Station.  Participants who do not make it to the Lifeguard Station by 9:30 AM will be diverted from the Marathon course to the Half Marathon course and may continue running to complete the 13.1 mile course.  These individuals will be recognized as official finishers of Half Marathon upon completion.

In mile 22 of the DONNA Marathon, and mile 9 of the DONNA Half Marathon, participants will reach the start of the “Breakaway Bridge”. DONNA participants must make it to this point by 2:00 PM.

  • Water stations will be available approximately every mile.
  • Odd mile water stations will provide electrolyte replacement drink.
  • GU Energy gels will be available starting at mile 6, approximately every 4 miles.
  • Mayo Medical aid stations will be available every 3 miles.
  • Portable restrooms will be available at many locations all over the course. Never fear, restrooms are near.


Full Marathon

  • Male Record: 2:13:19, 2015, Elisha Barno
  • Female Record: 2:33:08, 2010, Buzunesh Deba

Half Marathon

  • Male Record: 1:08:08, 2010, Cesar Lizano
  • Female Record: 1:18:43, 2011, Gabriela Trana

Ultra Marathon

  • Male Record: 15:14:34, 2017, Marc Burget
  • Female Record: 19:16:00, 2016, Sarah-Jane Lyons

Mayo Medical Support

Mayo ClinicMayo Clinic is more than just a recipient of the proceeds from RunDONNA Events. Mayo Clinic is helping with the logistics, including providing staff and personnel to organize and provide medical support for the marathon. So whether you’re running, walking, volunteering, or cheering with the masses at the DONNA, the Mayo Clinic medical team has all of your health and safety issues covered.

Medical support will be available and ready to assist you in either stations along the marathon route, including one at the Start Line, one in Runners’ Village, and main medical near the Finish Line. Medical staff will be wearing bright red medical team t-shirts. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and the Jacksonville Beach Fire and Rescue Department will provide medical support on bike teams and MERV units along the race route.

The Mayo Clinic, in partnership with The DONNA Foundation, does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. Therefore, mention of commercial products, processes, or services on the Foundation’s Web site,, cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.