Welcome to the 15th Anniversary of the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. Tomorrow, after two years apart, we will race once again together. Lifting one another up in love, celebrating survivorship. I am so honored, on behalf of The DONNA Foundation, to (finally…) welcome athletes from all over the world to the beautiful coast of Jacksonville, Florida, unified to finish breast cancer.

15 years ago, on February 17, 2008, I ran the inaugural 26.2 with DONNA. I experienced firsthand the magic that happens out on that race course. There is just something a little different, and for me it was life changing. Now, I stand in the finish line and watch all of you experience the magic. This is hands down what I look forward to most every year. So y’all… I think I have figured out what that magic is… and it is each of you! Terry wants to help more people access important clinical trails. Evan is running to remember his Mom. Lisa is so grateful to be running tomorrow following her diagnosis last April. And oh goodness, Mary Ann walked the 5K today to celebrate her 85th birthday! Every person has a reason for participating in a DONNA event, and it is the gathering of those stories that makes the magic. We are absolutely better, together.

Why are you running? Post your “Why” with us on the DONNA Tribute Wall, and share your story with someone tomorrow. Allow the collective love we share, transform all fears, and enjoy the magic of finishing breast cancer. Together.

See you in the finish line. I’ll be the one in the unicorn hat.

Much love,
Amanda Napolitano
Executive Director, The DONNA Foundation