Welcome to the 13th Annual National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. This anticipated event of The DONNA Foundation welcomes athletes from all over the world to the First Coast, unified for the purpose of finishing breast cancer. Our finish line is a celebration of survivorship unlike any other, as we lift one another in love.

Finish lines are my favorite. The pure joy I get to watch on all of your faces as you cross our finish line each year fuels my soul. It’s like watching every person choose love over fear. This is a choice each of us has to make every day. Am I going to live today full of love, or full of fear? For breast cancer patients, this can be an especially tough choice to make. Our vision at The DONNA Foundation is to transform the experience living with breast cancer from one of fear and frustration, to one of love and support. Tomorrow, we deliver on this vision as all of us are empowered to make that love choice.

Tomorrow, you will wake up (early) and that daily dose of fear and doubt will inevitably creep in to your mind. But, together we will choose the love and purpose of this race day to push all fear aside. There is a 26.2 mile beach block party ready to lift you. Take it all in. Every cheer, every high five, every hug, purple house, yard flamingo and pink streamer. Tomorrow, go catch your unicorn. I’ll be waiting in the finish line.

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy
He who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sunrise
-William Blake

Amanda Napolitano
Executive Director
The DONNA Foundation