I hope this welcome message brings a smile to your face! 

We have done something special by creating, supporting, and expanding these marathon weekend activities over the previous 15 years. The participation of founders, supporters, participants over the years continue to fuel my enthusiasm and happiness to invite your involvement now and moving forward. The benefits of The DONNA Foundation and the 26.2 with DONNA events have already touched thousands of people, hundreds of businesses, highlighted the reality and benefits of research to improve the understanding of cancer and how to develop new strategies for treatment, all added to improving access so that more persons can benefit from the progress made. Moreover, it is an honor and privilege to be engaged in activities to strengthen well being, friendships, community, and improving the visibility of Jacksonville locally, nationally, and internationally.

Let’s continue on this amazing journey, have fun taking care of your health, inviting friends and family to join the events, giving back to others, with warmth and smiles.

Dr. Edith Perez